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Eureka!! ^^
Welcome to my first blog, pal! After having over 5 months freeze time since I bought my first hosting and domain, July 2010, I just using my time for learning PHP programming. And then, bye for temp. Haha… It’s has been a busy semester I’ve ever passed.

Today, before i really starting my first writing about programming, i wanna share about “8 parts and its gates” we have to do in order to be an expert-programmer (err, I’m not an expert yet, but I’d like to and will!), this just about my opinion after I hearing a live-streaming, a sermon from a Pastor at CHC-S’pore today (7/1). Whoops? the pastor talking about to be an expert-programmer? Of course not!. The opinion below is my others’ side paradigm from the sermon. Mmm, doesn’t we have to see others’ side from every activities in our life, does it?

Okay, here we go.

Briefly, the first part to going with is “THE WORLD”. What does it mean? It’s mean, WE! Now, we’ve born in this world. I think it has clear enough for us, right? hehe… And if we’ve in here, so there is a gate called “REVELATION”. That’s speak about talents God gave us. It’s depends on us want to grow it up or conversely, “ingraining” it. And, if we want to grow it up, we get into the second part, called “THE TALENT”. Here, all of us should find our self-talent. All of us born to be a winner. You’re a WINNER!. It’s about our commitment. Yes! That’s the gate for this part to entering the next part, “COMMITMENT”. Commit to one or more (if you can) talent based on your abilities.

Then, “THE SELF-ABILITY” is about your commitment you’ve commited before. Then “THE SERVANTHOOD”, learn it in focus. After that “THE MINISTRY”, after you learn it, implement it!.

Woo, after “THE MINISTRY”, it’s about make the world better by your act, is it awesome for you?. That is, “THE LEADERSHIP”. It’s about develop our softskill, besides hardskill. It’s important for us to balance both. It’s also about enterpreneurship. In fact, our nation have lack of enterpreneur. So, starting by you, and me, build employment opportunities. And, “THE GOVERNMENT”, govern it wisely!.

Lastly, “THE VISIONARY”. After you’ve passed that all, you know, a good leader is a visionary. Don’t forget to have your visionary from the beginning, and until you’ve become a leader, still have a visionary.

Wow, it’s hard enough for me to write a blog or something, because I “can’t” writing well. Yeah, it’s a good achievement of my life… Haha ^^v . We should never stop learn. There is a proverb from Chinese: 活到老,学到老!(huódàolǎo, xuédàolǎo), it’s literal meaning: Life until old, learn until old!

~ Become a “melody” to make a better world!

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  1. It’s totally agree with your writing. It was inspiring me. Yeah, I was listening to the same sermon. And it’ powerful. Let’s impact the world with the good thing which comes from our talent.

    Can not wait for the next article 🙂

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