Designing System for Gate Displays (Intro Part)

It’s easy but hard, and it’s hard but easy. That’s pretty confusing statement that occurs while I am decided to make a simple system for Gate Display (GD) that usually placed at airport or others transportation’s terminal. It is one of my interest to involved with a company that create a system for airlines/airport.

Data Flow for the System
Gate Displays' Diagram

The database of the airport should be collect the database from airlines, that contain flight schedule to and from the airport. Then, the GD will display the most recent flight at the airport with status that could be change depend on the flight condition, like ‘boarding’, ‘on time’, ‘delayed’, etc. The ATC (Air Traffic Control) will have authorized to change it. Just a simple flow to develop the system here, but it will be harder to develop the real system. But, that is the chance! I will be ready to engaged with. ^^

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… to be continue – Part I-Make a Database for Airlines’ Flight Schedule…

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