Designing System for Gate Displays (Part I)

Hi there! Today we’re gonna to create a database for the system I’ve explained before. At the main-figure (Data flow for the system), there are two database, one refer to the airlines, and the other refer to the airport, click here to see the figure. Here, I just require to create one database refer to the airport.

If you do not have any imagine what we are going to make, just open ICCI Web. But we will not use all of variables exist there. The variables we are going to use are: Flight No., From, Time, and Status.

Well, let’s do it!

Firstly, create a new database, named ‘gatedisplays’, or others name you want to make. Or, you can just create the new table for it. Then, create a table named ‘flight’. Finish? Welldone… Then be ready for the next step. What is the next step? Alright, we are gonna create all of the variables we need. The first variable we are going to create is, ‘Flight’, then ‘From’, ‘Time’, and the last, ‘Status’. Look at the figure below.

Here is the query of the MySQL:
CREATE TABLE gatedisplays.flight (
flight VARCHAR( 7 ) NOT NULL ,
departure VARCHAR( 30 ) NOT NULL ,
status VARCHAR( 12 ) NOT NULL ,
PRIMARY KEY ( flight )

Now what we have to do is, adding some data to the table to make it useful. Add 10 up to 20 data to the table as you like. Let’s get an example for it.

Ow, I forget to tell you something. As far as the flight schedule not in the range of the Gate Display, it should be an default value to the status, there is ‘unconfirmed’. That’s just my estimate. The ATC will have an authorization to change it.

Well done, in the next step we will have to do make a simple user interface for ATC to change the status while the plane is approaching the airport. And finally, make the Gate Display! ^^ . Thanks for reading.

— to be continued —

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