Python’s “Beautiful Heart”

Woogh!!! Maybe that words that will ‘spit out’ from your mind after try IDLE, the Python GUI, and also the Python Command Prompt. It’s so interesting to learn with, really! If you have the Mark Summerfield’s book, titled “Programming in Python 3, A Complete Introduction to the Python Language”, it will be said Python’s “Beautiful Heart”. I guess that’s why Summerfield wrote that words on the book, only guess.

First at all, you can do arithmetic operation on the IDLE. Don’t believe it? Look at the figure below.
the Python GUI (IDLE)

IDLE provides some facilities to the user, one of them is the ability to enter Python expressions to see the results directly. And that’s it! IDLE is so easy to use for experimenting a small pieces of Python code. Again, look at the figure below.
The Python GUI (IDLE)

Besides that, you also can do a simple operation using statement, such as if, while, etc. It’s makes you do an experiments with Python comes easily. Of course, it’s save your time much more. That’s it! Hope inspire you to learn Python. Hehe…

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